Share Button has been powered up! It is now even more convenient!

Hello everyone! Thank you for using our services 😊 Today, I have a great announcement for you all! We have changed the button on Tagffy to copy the URL of a card or a link on a card to a more convenient share button! 🎉

Now you can share more easily! 🎊

Until now, to share information using the copy function, you had to copy the text and paste it into a social network or message app yourself😅 But with this update, that hassle will be eliminated in one fell swoop!

With the new share button, you can now easily share information from your smartphone! Just press the 📱✨ Share button and you’ll see a list of available share destinations on your device so you can share instantly!

See what sharing looks like on your phone! 📹

Quickly, please watch the video of pressing the share button on your phone!

Translated with (free version)

We will continue to improve! 🚀

This update makes it easier for everyone to share information! We will continue to improve Digital Profile Tagffy to make it easier and more fun to use, so stay tuned 😄

We welcome your feedback! 💬

So, thank you for your continued support of Digital Profiles Tagffy! We’d love to hear your feedback, so please keep it coming! 🙌

See you again in the next update! 👋