Tagffy dashboard is ready!

Update Information

  • Tagffy dashboard is ready
  • Fix bugs

Dashboard finally mounted!

Tagffy now has a dashboard, and we hope to make all information in Tagffy viewable from the dashboard.
For now, the following can be viewed and manipulated from the dashboard.

  • My holder
  • Report
  • Settings

Reporting functions make access numbers and other information easier to understand.

Until now, you could see the number of visits and clicks on the Edit Card screen.
Now you can see them in more detail in the dashboard reports.
Here are some of the features of the reports!

You can now specify the period of time.

Previously, you could only see this month.
Now you can see the number of accesses and clicks for the periods of “This week”, “Last week”, “This month”, and “Last month ”.

The clicked link is now displayed

The links clicked on during that period are displayed along with the number of clicks.

Fix bugs

Several bugs were fixed.

We will continue to work on improvements to make it more useful for everyone.
Thank you for your cooperation.